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EDM Services

EDM ServicesOur professional staff, combined with state of the art EDM machines, and an exceptional client base, have transformed Langham Creek Machine Works into a local leader in the world of Electrical Discharge Machining. Customer satisfaction is what we have built our reputation around, and what we will continue to focus on in the years to come. We use the latest CAD/CAM software for our programming systems, giving us the ability to quickly program complex 5-Axis geometry. We are able to accept files from our customers for quick generation into programs.

Let us handle your next EDM application and see why we are a cut about the rest.
Wire EDM
Our Wire EDM machines are capable of up to 30-degree burns. We can do a wire EDM continuous cut up to a length of 27.5”, and hold tolerances to .0002 with a 32 RMS finish. Our years of experience in machining large parts, extreme tapers, and exotic alloys, enables us to handle the complicated jobs that other companies might be unwilling to accept.

“Our view towards our work in the EDM department, is that we are only limited by our imaginations”

Sinker EDM
We are well equipped with EDM sinkers that are fully loaded to handle unlimited die sinking applications and are capable of 8 RMS finish. All of our wire machines are outfitted with a C-Axis for orbital, vectorial and helical machining. We have the support of LCMW’s complete CNC Mill and Lathe departments giving us the ability to manufacture the most difficult electrodes. We have the expertise and are capable of using a variety of materials to produce our electrodes based on the desired burn. We can submerge parts up to 8 feet long, 6 inches in diameter and have the capability to run parts much longer.

EDM Drill
CNC EDM Drill is the perfect compliment to our Wire EDM’s in that it gives us the ability to quickly blast start holes in our work pieces. This helps us to minimize material preparation times and allows us to offer our customers the fastest turnarounds possible. We can EDM drill up to 3 mm in diameter and up to 12 inches deep, down to .3 mm in diameter.

“No job is too small, too large, or too complex.”
Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions about EDM Technologies or the EDM process.

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